5 Tech Gadgets For Your Co-Working Space


Do you need ideas for your co-working place? Do you want to buy some tech to improve productivity?

To do this you need something cool. I will help you to pick some awesome tech gadgets.

Top 5 Tech Gadgets For Your Co-Working Space

1. Wi-Fi extender


If your co-working space is big then you should buy a wifi-extender to get the maximum coverage. Because poor wi-fi connectivity decreases productivity. You will get a wifi extender between $20 – $100. It totally depends on you and your requirements. I would suggest you pick a wifi extender from TP-Link, D-Link or Netgear.

I would suggest you TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender for medium size co-working space.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones


If you love listening to music then you must have a noise-canceling headphone. Because in the co-working space you will get a lot of noise. So, for better music experience you need a good headphone.

3. Smart Plug


Another great product I would recommend to have a smart plug. If you want to control anything from your phone then having a smart plug would be a nice option.

4. Portable SSD Drive

Portable SSD Drive

Another essential thing I would suggest is a Portable SSD drive. If you need to transfer large files one PC to another then portable SSD drive will do the job easily. You can do the same using Hard drive. But I am suggesting you SSD for speed. SSD drives are much faster than a Hard Drive.

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5. Power strip

Power strip

Last I am recommending you to buy a power strip. If you want to tend your power connectivity or if you have a lot of things to connect then you must buy a power strip. Nowadays you will easily get a some good power strip under $100 bucks.


Final Word

Buy this top 5 gadgets and make your co-working space awesome. I highly suggest you buy smart plug and wi-di range extender.

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